Felix Leuschner is a composer, drummer, electronicPerformer, coder, hardwareHacker.

His music is experimental-drum & synth-doom-industrial-electro-noise with influences from black and death metal, electronic dance music and the German avant-garde hit-parade.

In addition to classical (acoustic) instruments, electronics plays a major role in his music: acoustic instruments usually undergo electronic sound transformations. In order to become independent of the commercialized music industry, he programs his electronic instruments, synthesizers and effect devices himself. However, since the devices of the big companies sound just awesome, he still spends all his money on the whole crap.

In his Drum&Synth one-man-band Felix Leuschner plays e-drums, with which he also controls several analogue and digital synthesizers, as well as sound synthesis and effects. In addition, he wrote several operas for the Munich State Opera, Kassel State Opera, Munich Biennale, Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen, received commissions by the Siemens Arts Program, Darmstadt State Theater, Braunschweig State Theater, writes chamber music for various soloists and ensembles, creates radio broadcasts for Hessischer Rundfunk and performs at festivals in three different continents. Concert and research trips take him through Asia, America and Europe, where he seeks to interact with local artists and musicians to play spontaneous, unconventional concerts with them.

Felix Leuschner studied composition at the Universities of Music and Theater in Hamburg and Munich, and drums at the University of Music in Weimar.