I am proud and excited to announce the launch of my new band — Far Side Of The Sky

With months in the making, I am now on my debut tour, starting in NYC this NYE! 

Far Side Of The Sky is born out of my dialectical contemplation of thought and expression in music.

This band is geared up as a musical translator for entities that lay between Chaos/Order in what I call The Shadow World. Reality is not as it seems. Between the visible and the hidden realities lie liminal spaces that seem to vanish when we look too closely. 

Here, Far Side Of The Sky will break into new musical frontiers with a deeply personal and original sonic tapestry. The coalesce of detailed soundscapes, distorted glitches, and spatialised, de-constructed rhythms will reveal the entities that lay in the dark, and beyond the dark. 

Join Far Side Of The Sky in going dark.

– – –

Chaos / Order

I find myself in-between the edge of today and the cusp of tomorrow, listening to an inner music. I ask what is the music between chaos and order? How can I find that music?

The music that I do not dare to think of, to feel within me, to hear or to listen, yet desperately am searching for. The music that exists between the Not-Yet and the Possible.

What does music sound like that wants to free itself from the eternal recurrence of the Eversame? 

The continuous evasive mechanisms to avoid this recurrence have become their own recurrence of the Eversame. 

How does music sound without the same rhythms, harmonies, melodies, phrases, patterns, sounds? 

What does music sound like without the same evasive mechanisms to avoid this recurrence?

Music without music.

The abundance of information we seem to have access to, the endless possibilities in the material and tools, makes me believe we have access to more knowledge than ever before in human history. It makes me believe that my creativity has more nourishment than ever before, yet so much remains hidden. I have no control over the world around me, although I believed that the Possible would give me control.

Stumbling between chaos and order, and between appearance and reality, I am thrown into a shadow world behind the visible. In this shadow monochrome, what are the spacial and temporal coordinates? What is the foreground and background in its music? Who is the music on this stage?

Pure emotions of existence.

The path that begins with the question “what my music should be a translation for” will lead to the answer, “how my music is made”.

This is the journey. The dawn of a new movement.