Biblis, ich lass für dich das Licht an

Chernobyl, Fukushima and the end of Germany’s nuclear era.  This electric farewell song about the dying nuclear power plant in Biblis contends with a great paradox: I celebrate the ultimate success of antinuclear movements to finally shut down all nuclear power plants in Germany, where I protested in chains. At […]



The “DARK ENERGY albums“ are a series of 4 albums created with a special method for recycling urban soundscapes into musical sound material. Each album is dedicated to another city: Singapore, Frankfurt, Munich, Augsburg. The sound spectrum of the cities as a symbiosis of engine noise and domesticated nature, architectural […]


Einbruch mehrerer Dunkelheiten

„Einbruch mehrerer Dunkelheiten“ is an absurd, melancholic, amusing, dystopian artwork between opera, political thriller and science fiction; a poetically enigmatic tableau about electromagnetic phenomena capable of thinking, about investigators trying to unravel the mystery of a potentially dangerous research facility and its crazy scientist, and about an assassin making the […]